with LIBBY

FRIDAY, April 20 7:15-8:30pm


Libby ​Miga ​is a professional dancer/ choreographer/ instructor originally from upstate ny and now based in the Bay. She is a versatile performer with years of experience in Afro-carribean, West African (Ghana, guinea, Senegal), modern and hip hop dance styles​.  Currently, she is ​most inspired by dancehall ​movement and culture​ and teaches regular dancehall classes in SF and workshops locally and nation-wide.

​As a choreographer, ​she blends a variety of styles ​to honor diversity of ​expression and generally aims to use dance as a way to ​celebrate​e life​ in a way that is real for the dancer and palpable to the viewer. ​She is the director of the Bay Area performance group The Mothers of Pearl and a signed dancer and model with Rae Agency in SF.  As an instructor, she brings the energy and party and makes learning new, sexy movement FUN!