Esteban Deleon, dance instructor and choreographer, moved to Santa Clara, CA at the age of six.  From a young age, he has been dancing and performing at different cultural events within the community.  This has allowed Esteban to learn a variety of different dance techniques.  Over the years, his love for dance flourished as he started choreographing for different events where his talent for choreography and dance really shone.


He pursued his passion by studying dance at West Valley and Mission College.  There he created a dance group called Strategy where he put together performances for colleges and community events.  He joined Soul Conspiracy Dance Company and Wrawsome Dance Crew where he performed at various events throughout the Bay Area.   

Esteban is a dance teacher, choreographer, and fitness instructor that has been teaching and choreographing dance for adults and children for the past seven years all over the Bay Area.  His style of dance is called EnBeat.  This style is hip hop based with a twist of Latin and Jazz. 


In November 2015, Esteban started his own business at The Dance Company teaching Adult dance and fitness.  At his studio he also offers a multitude of specialty workshops.  In 2018 he has expanded his studio to offering Yoga, Barre, and Full body conditioning in addition to Enbeat.  

For private dance lessons, weddings, or special events please email